Zesch-Henrich Commercial Building

Mason, Tx


Looking for a place in history? Look no further!

Built in 1879, the old C&G (Henrich) building was built as a saloon fully equipped with a bar and a Brunswick table. This local tavern was the location of a double killing of a local doctor and his son as well a gunfight between a local deputy and a patron of the establishment (with the deputy walking away).

Ironically, in contrast to this rowdy beginning, the building later became the site of the women’s temperance movement in the late 1890’s as ladies of the Presbyterian Church held their meetings and church suppers in the old saloon.

The building was then the home of a very successful saddle shop and stayed a leather/sporting goods store until the late 1980’s. Since that time it has been a boutique, a bakery, and a gun shop.

This historic and versatile building has 1764 square feet of floor space. The building is in mint condition and the two Bostonian canopies make it one of the most recognizable buildings on the beautiful town square of Mason.

Along with this historic building comes the walnut bar/cabinet, an antique safe, cash register, as well as an old fashion bottle coke machine. The building also has a basement.

This building has such potential to a home to your business dreams. To take a look at this place in Mason history, call Paul Smith, Listing agent at 325-347-4075

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